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Use laser speckle imaging to corroborate haemodynamic changes within the targeted region on the ipsilateral side of the brain before and after stroke in the photothrombotic stroke model.


Tedeschi A, Larson M J E, Zouridakis A, et al. Harnessing cortical plasticity via gabapentinoid administration promotes recovery after stroke[J]. Brain, 2022, 145(7): 2378-2393.

Journal: Brain

Background and Customer Requirements:

  • 1) Stroke causes devastating sensory-motor deficits and long-term disability due to disruption of descending motor pathways. Restoration of these functions enables independent living and therefore represents a high priority for those afflicted by stroke.
  • 2) Gabapentin is a clinically approved drug already used to treat various neurological disorders.

Demands of the Research:

If the study only uses TTC staining or 3D imaging methods to assess the hotothrombotic stroke model, it may be not precise. However, when the data was combined the changes in cerebral blood flow,it should not only be more quantitatively and analyzed but make the entire research completed reproducibility.

What We Offer:

Product: RFLSI Laser Speckle Imaging System

Use the laser speckle to observe the vascular and haemodynamic changes and blood perfusion in photothrombotic stroke model within the sensory-motor cortex in the acute stages of stroke.

Results and Effects:

  • 1) Gabapentin administration had no effects on vascular occlusion, haemodynamic changes nor survival of corticospinal neurons within the ipsilateral sensory-motor cortex in the acute stages of stroke.
  • 2) Gabapentin daily administration dampens maladaptive plasticity by reducing the excitability of spinal motor circuitry.
  • 3) In turn, mice administered gabapentin starting 1 h or 1 day after stroke recovered skilled upper extremity function. Functional recovery persists even after stopping the treatment at 6 weeks following a stroke.
  • 4) Chemogenetic silencing of cortical projections originating from the contralateral side of the brain transiently abrogated recovery in mice administered gabapentin.
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