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The Most Precise Olfactometer: Conduct Highly Efficient Odor Stimuli Associated Water Reward Experiments

   |  January 10, 2024

Cognitive assessment is a crucial part in brain science research, employing a wide range of behavioral experimental methods such as novel object recognition, water maze, Y-maze, conditioned fear chamber, and Skinner box experiments. These studies primarily rely on olfactory, auditory, visual, and tactile stimuli to achieve objectives.

As a vital sensory modality driving cognitive behavior, olfaction plays a significant role in olfactory discrimination, learning and memory, decision making, impulsivity and other cognitive behaviors. Increasingly, scientific research is focusing on olfaction-related studies, and behavioral paradigms based on olfactory stimuli are widely applied in the investigation of olfactory function, learning memory, and neurological disease mechanisms.

Due to many uncontrollable factors of odor stimuli, most researchers had to construct their own olfactory behavioral training platforms, which consumes a lot of time and effort. In light of this, RWD has developed an automated mice olfactometer (also called olfactory behavioral training system) with minimal human intervention throughout the training process.

RWD Olfactometer associates odor stimuli with water reward feedback. The proprietary software has a built-in classical cognitive training paradigm, which helps users carry out mice cognitive assessment experiments. By facilitating researchers to conduct research on the mechanisms of olfactory function, learning and memory cognition, neurological diseases, etc.,the RWD Olfactometer greatly improves the efficiency of scientific research work.


Integrated and high-throughput automated training system

An integrated olfactometer for mice olfactory behavior training with odor stimulation, water reward and control software, users do not need to construct their own experimental platform;

High-throughput training system, a single set of air source, a single desk software, can control 8 channels, to achieve 8 mice independent and synchronous training;

Proprietary software to manipulate the system operation, built-in Go/No-go, DNMS, DPA working memory paradigm, and support user-defined paradigm;

Experiment protocols across multiple channels can be synchronized with a single click, and experiment results can be easily stored in a unified location, simplifying group training of multiple animals and significantly improving experimental efficiency.


High Sensitivity Response and Comprehensive Monitoring

Rapid and precise control of the release of the experimental odor, instantaneous odor rise and odor elimination, to achieve flexible switching of the experimental odor;

Highly sensitive sensing elements accurately accurately record the water licking behavior of mice, with different sensors in the conventional and electrophysiology-compatible models to suit different experimental needs;

An infrared camera is placed under the water tube to record the water licking behavior of mice.

Watch video: RWD Olfactometer-mouse licking video
Watch video: RWD Olfactometer-Mouse training in electrophysiology experiments


Multiple odor vials configuration, more experimental expansion

The single-channel system offers the choice of 8 or 16 odor vials, catering to complex experimental designs with diverse odor requirements;

Standard TTL signal transmission ports enable seamless integration with optogenetics, fiber photometry systems, electrophysiological systems, and other devices, allowing for expanded experimental possibilities.


Visualization Training System for Experimental Processes

The experiment modes and trial phase execution are shown in real-time, allowing for improved training efficiency through the utilization of a manual water delivery button in the training mode;

Channel details interface displays key result parameters such as Hit, Miss, False Choice, Correct Rejection, Lick Number, Performance Correct Rate in real time;

Real-time display of the status of odors for convenient monitoring of experimental progress and stability of odor release.


On the whole, RWD Olfactometer integrates the odor stimulation module, water reward module, and control software module. With three key highlights of high efficiency, precision, and comprehensiveness, RWD Olfactometer can assist you in conducting behavioral training of small animals based on odor stimulation and research on the mechanisms of olfactory function, learning and memory cognition, neurological diseases, etc.

Read more: The Role of Olfactory Stimuli in Neural Circuit & Cognitive Assessment

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