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The global specialist in high-quality histopathological sections

   |  July 9, 2024

Founded in Shenzhen in 2002, RWD has been fully engaged in the life science industry for the past 22 years. To meet the diverse needs of customers, RWD has developed comprehensive product solutions that include areas such as animal surgery and modeling, neural signaling research, animal behavioral research, microcirculation monitoring andin vivo imaging, histopathology, as well as cellular and molecular biology research. Among these solutions, the stereotaxic instrument and animal research anesthesia machine both hold the top one market share in China. More than 14,500 SCI articles have been published with RWD’s products and services, covering more than 100 countries and regions worldwide. In addition to the products and solutions, RWD provides 24/7 customer service hotline telephone responses, expert consultation, on-site support, proactive preventive services, and other after-sales protection measures to ensure professional and timely support for our customers.

The launch of histopathological sectioning solutions marks RWD’s entry into the clinical healthcare sector after a strong commitment to the academic research field. It contains automatic and semi-automated microtomes, cryostats, and disposable histology blades, with the cryostat ranking as China’s first indigenous cryostat brand. The cryostat features reliable temperature control and a robust cooling system, enabling full open-window operation and high-fat tissue freezing. The fast switch of the specimen head temperature and unique visual pointer for fine angle adjustment accelerate extensive sectioning work. Moreover, the cryostat comes fully integrated with historical recording software to track operation and facilitate maintenance. RWD microtomes also ensure stable and high-quality sections, and there is no fear of hard biological tissues (uterine fibroids, etc.), with three feeding options by knob, small handwheel, and external control panel for both novice and experienced users.

Histopathological Section solutions

Now, RWD histopathological section solutions have collaborated with over 2300 global customers, such as Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital, the University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern University, Stanford University, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Tsinghua University, Peking University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, BGI, etc., and have contributed to more than 100 high-level literature publications. Furthermore, RWD plays an active role in advancing the field of pathology and supporting the growth of related industries. We are proud to have been the exclusive equipment provider for China’s national frozen sectioning competition in 2023. Additionally, we conduct sectioning technology workshops for students at numerous academic institutions worldwide.

As we advance, we will continue to build upon our existing relationships with pathology specialists, units, and institutions to ensure our clients receive the highest quality sectioning products and services available globally.

Part of our clients
USAUniversity of Washington
The University of Michigan
Northwestern University
Massachusetts General Hospital
University of California
National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases
Stanford University
Duke University
City University of NewYork
Cleveland State University
CravitySci LLC
GermanyHelmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
Evotec (München) GmbH
Weinkauf Medizin & Umwelttechnik
Institute of Cell Biology and Neurobiology,Charite
KoreaSookmyung Women’s University
Daegu haany unviersity
Seoul National Univ. Pharm. college
Daegu haany unviersity
AustriaTierklinik Perchtoldsdorf Ost
Medical University of Vienna
SwitzerlandBiozentrum, University of Basel
BrazilUniversity of Brasilia
AustraliaThe University of Melbourne
IndiaIndian Institute of Science
NetherlandsUniversity of Twente
ArgentinaHospital Distrital Las Heras
ChinaThe University of Hong Kong
Peking University
Tsinghua University
MGI Tech Co., Ltd.
China Institute For Brain Research,Beijing
Peking Union Medical College Hospital

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