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Making Single-Cell Suspension Preparation Smarter with DSC-400 Tissue Dissociator

   |  March 7, 2022

The era of continuous cell lines is a thing of the past.

Primary cells, more representative of the in vivo state of cells, have been recognized by researchers for many years, especially in early toxicity assessment tests for drugs.

In the traditional way, too many steps and details need to be noticed to maximize the quality of the primary cell (Fig 1), which is very inefficient.

traditional way of single-cell suspension preparation
Fig 1. The traditional way of single-cell suspension preparation

Now, RWD single-cell suspension dissociator comes to free your hands & improve efficiency!

With a built-in mechanical shearing program and optimal enzyme digestion kit, the preparation procedure to get single cell suspension will be faster and easier.

Multiple programs for different researches
Fig 3. Multiple programs for different researches

Unique designed rotor and multiple programs to the maximum extent ensure cell viability and preserve cell surface markers.

Improving the reproducibility and reliability of downstream experimental results.

A variety of tissues (tumor, heart, brain, spleen, liver, etc.) are applicable and all the cell viability can reach to 85%-95%.

Cell viability:

  • Mouse Tumor–Breast cancer (induced by 4T1 cell line).
Mouse Tumor
  • Mouse Tumor–Colon cancer (induced by CT26 cell line).
  • Mouse Neonatal Brain
Mouse Neonatal Brain
  • Neonatal Mouse Heart
Neonatal Mouse Heart single cell suspension
  • Mouse Liver
  • Mouse Spleen

Technical Parameters of DSC-400:

Sample volume20-4000mg
Buffer volume0.3-10mL
Speed20-4000 rpm
Operation methodTouch screen
Dimensions (W*D*H)215*380*190 mm
Weight~9.0 kg

*The tissue processing tubes of RWD are not available in the USA market

To learn more about downstream instruments, click here

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