Cell Isolation from Tissue
Single Cell Suspension Dissociator;Sample Preparation;
Sample Preparation
Cell Isolation from Tissue
Cell Isolation from Tissue
Single Cell Suspension Dissociator;Sample Preparation;
Sample Preparation
Cell Isolation from Tissue

DSC-400 Single Cell Suspension Dissociator

  • RWD tissue dissociator is designed to help you quickly prepare tissue into single-cell suspension with high cell viability or tissue homogenate, greatly increasing experimental repeatability. Independent working channels with automatic programs can make sure multiple channels of tissue dissociation simultaneously. Heating jackets are available for fully automated sample preparation.
  • Dissociate different tissues, including: Mouse or human tumor, human brain tumor, mouse or rat neural tissue, mouse heart, spleen, lung, lamina propria, lymph gland, testicles or liver mouse adipose tissue, mouse epidermis, and more.
  • Moreover, all the parameters can be adjusted in user-customized programs to process more kinds of tissue types.
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RWD Single-cell suspension dissociator uses tissue processing tubes, tissue dissociation kits, and built-in optimization programs for preparing high-activity single-cell suspension and tissue homogenate. The preparation of single-cell suspension with high cell viability can be completed within 15-30 minutes, which makes the
experiments more reproducible. 4 independent operating channels and heating jackets can automate the processes and improve the efficiency of tissue processing
Heating jackets will save you from time-consuming water bath and improve efficiency.


  • Compound toxicity evaluation
  • Drug development process
  • Single-cell sequencing
  • Primary cell culture
  • Fluorescence-activated cell sorting
  • Cell therapy
  • Flow cytometry


Tissue processing tube specifications:

  • Ethylene oxide(EO) sterilized
  • Independent packaging makes it convenient for storage and use

*The tissue processing tubes of RWD are not available in the USA market


Easy Operation

User-friendly software with touch screen, one-touch to run preset processing programs or edit custom programs.

4 independent working channels

Each channel can run different programs simultaneously, and it can also be equipped with a heating jacket to achieve automatic sample preparation.

Wide range of applications

Stable motor speed ranges from 0 to 4000 rpm, capable of single-cell suspension and tissue homogenate.

Flexible collocation of consumables and reagents

Customized tissue dissociation kits and tissue processing tubes can ensure cell viability and reduce experimental losses.


Model DSC-400
Sample volume 20-4000mg
Buffer volume 0.3-10mL
Speed 0-4000 rpm
Temperature 37℃
Channels 4
Operation method Touch screen
Dimensions (W*D*H) 215*380*190 mm
Weight ~10.3 kg


Order information

Cat No. Product Description
DSC-400 Single cell suspension dissociator
SCT-25 Tissue processing tube(25pcs/box)
SCT-100 Tissue processing tube(100pcs/box)
DHTE-5001 High Activity Tumor Tissue Enzymatic Digestion Kit(Mouse)
DHNBE-5002 High Activity Neonatal Brain Enzymatic Digestion Kit(Mouse and Rat)
DHABE-5003 High Activity Adult Brain Enzymatic Digestion Kit(Mouse and Rat)
DHSE-5004 High Activity General Tissue Enzymatic Digestion Kit(Mouse)
DHTEH-2505 High Activity Tumor TissueEnzymatic Digestion Kit(Human)
DHDR-5006 High Efficiency Debris Removal Kit

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