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Motorized Micromanipulator Redefines Precision to Highly Improve Microinjection Success Rate

   |  May 10, 2022

Can you handle the movement tiny to 33nm? Motorized Micromanipulator MM-500 manage it for you.
The diameter of ordinary hair is generally between 0.06 and 0.09 mm, 1mm= 1000μm, 1μm= 1000nm
Just turn the button, 33nm-the highest accuracy in three dimensions, which is hardly imagined to be realized in your finger.

MM-500 Motroized micromanipulator

How to precisely achieve 33nm movement?
It relies on a stepper motor, an electromechanical device that directly converts electrical impulses into mechanical motion. The MM-500 micromanipulator can control the steering, speed and rotation angle of the stepping motor by adjusting the sequence, frequency and quantity of electrical pulses applied to the motor coil.

The following picture vividly demonstrates how a stepper motor works.

MM-500 micromanipulator use a two-phase hybrid stepping motor with software operation, which can achieve nanometer-level movement accuracy and carry larger loads. So stepper motors are essential to achieve fine movements.

What’s more, combine with R-480 Nanoliter Injection Pump and MP-500 Micropipette Puller, it can complete ultra-fine microinjection of eyeballs, zebrafish, nematodes and other embryos and larvae.

For example the following picture:
Even 0.6nl tool virus inside the 0.06μm micropipette can be easily injected into the particular area.

RWD microinjection soultion


  • Eyeball injection: MM-500 can move the injection needle at any angle steadily and quantitatively at a constant speed.
  • Intracranial virus or tracer injection: MM-500 meets the stable movement of the injection needle at any angle. Such as, brain-directed injection of AAV1/GFP vectors into hippocampus.
  • Microinjection of zebrafish embryos: The DNA is injected into the embryo by moving the glass microelectrode through the chorion and blastomere.
  • Insect and protozoan egg cells, larvae injection (e.g. Drosophila, C. Elegans)
  • Other studies that require the needle to be held at any angle and moved precisely
RWD microinjection soultion
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