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2022 RWD Global Partners Conference – Go Forward Together, Get Reward Future

Press Release   |  April 11, 2022

Themed around “Go Forward Together, Get Reward Future”, the 2022 RWD Global Partners Conference was successfully concluded at the RWD Headquarters a few days ago. Going virtual, the conference was attended by nearly 100 RWD partners from the Asia-Pacific Region, Europe, America, and Greater China. RWD’s Chairman Wang Lin, General Manager (GM) Xiu Xianshuai(Edmond), Marketing Director Gao Jianbin(Benjamin), and Global Animal Health Management Director Qian Lijun(Ada) addressed the conference, outlined RWD’s two-decade-long development history and future blueprint and invited partners to share their experience of cooperation with RWD.

Glories arise out of 20 years of perseverance and innovation

RWD’s history of unveiling all manner of homemade products with continuous spending on research & development dates back to its inception when the company developed a “stereotaxic apparatus” featuring sheer sophistication. So far, RWD has delivered thousands of products spanning 28 solutions and falling into 48 categories to 100+ states and regions worldwide, and partnered with 1,000+ scientific research institutes, 6,000+ institutions of higher education, served 700+ hospitals, 800+ enterprises and organizations and 11,000+ veterinary clinics. “In the latest five years alone, RWD spent USD 50 million or so on product research & development, along with 15% of turnover allotted for technology and product development,” said RWD GM Xiu Xianshuai(Edmond), “R&D professionals represent 30% of us.” Continuous R&D spending forms the core of RWD’s eternal vitality. Xiu Xianshuai(Edmond) added, a parade of remarkable partners from around the world accounts for RWD’s hefty spending on research & development in part. They are instrumental in securing maturity and stability of RWD’s new products using expertise and potential of market expansion, and are able to help RWD win market share and user support.

RWD never falters in establishing public reputation with quality assurance

Quality is all that matters in RWD’s development. RWD’s Marketing Director Gao Jianbin(Benjamin) claimed the company’s quality management system has incorporated all procedures from design, procurement, production, delivery to user services. On top of that, RWD has passed ISO9001 certification with application for ISO13485 and GMP certification in process. Its products are strictly in line with CE, RoHS and other national and international standards. With such effort on quality assurance, RWD is devoted to customer success. RWD’s Global Animal Health Management Director Qian Lijun(Ada) said, RWD deserves the merits in the world’s first cataract surgery on snow leopard, operation on the red panda of the panda base in Sichuan, China, and other successful cases. RWD partners from across the globe were also complimentary about the company’s pursuit of product innovation, stringent control for quality and provision of considerate and meticulous customer services.

Taking inspiration from history, RWD is willing to advance for a balmy spring with partners

Wang Lin noted, RWD emerged from a burgeoning pet industry in the world. A Morgan Stanley forecast report projects a 14% increase in global pet ownership in the 2021-2025 period. Research And Markets, the world’s largest market research store, suggests that the global market of animal hospitals and veterinary clinics expanded from USD 89.38 billion in 2021 to USD 110 billion in 2025, along with growth of global veterinary device market from USD 880 million to USD 1.13 billion in the same period. The prevalence of the industry is an unstoppable trend. “In the following five years, RWD will continuously spend over USD 100 million on product research & development, for retrofitting our popular products while diversifying our product portfolios. We take aim at co-creating competitive instruments, devices and consumables which cater to market needs together with global partners,” added Wang Lin at the conference.

RWD has every confidence in fulfilling its commitment to global partners – “Go Forward Together, Get Reward Future” and the future of the industry. RWD will deepen its cooperation with all partners from around the world. With global view and foresight, RWD is dedicated to becoming a world leader and developing the enabling platform to promote the “value of industry ecosystem” in the realm by delivering reliable solutions in animal health, life science, clinical medicine and so on.

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