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Successful Conclusion of 2022 RWD Global Partner of Life Science Conference on “Go Forward Together, Get Reward Future”

   |  July 1, 2022

The “Go Forward Together, Get Reward Future” 2022 RWD Global Partner Conference was beamed live from the RWD Headquarters on May 25, in the presence of nearly 100 RWD partners from the Asia-Pacific Region, Europe, America, and Greater China. At the conference, RWD’s General Manager (GM) Xiu Xianshuai(Edmond), Marketing Director Gao Jianbin(Benjamin), and the Director of International Sales Department of Life Science Line Zheng Jieluan(Gen) outlined RWD’s two-decade-long development history and future blueprint, and invited partners to share their experience of cooperation with RWD.

Dedicated to life science for 20 years, RWD strives for the development of life quality

At its inception, RWD was preoccupied with only one product – “stereotaxic apparatus”. With unremitting efforts in the industry and increasingly greater spending on product research & development, RWD has delivered thousands of products spanning 7 solutions and falling into 48 categories in 100+ states and regions worldwide,

being instrumental in the success of around 20,000 customers both at home and abroad, and helping customers with SCI publication of over 14,500 scientific research papers.

Addressing the conference, RWD GM Mr. Xiu Xianshuai(Edmond) said, RWD’s rapid development is attributable to the unique competitiveness regarding R&D innovation, technical specialty, market insight, service response, production efficiency, etc. And credit should also be given to a bunch of superb partners who, with rich expertise and strong business development capacity, play a crucial part in making RWD’s new and existing products grab market share and win customer confidence instantly. On behalf of RWD, Mr. Xiu expressed sincere gratitude to partners for their substantial support.

GM Xiu Xianshuai((Edmond)) is speaking at the conference

By pushing high-quality development, RWD establishes a platform that empowers life sciences utilizing synergy of enterprises, universities, research institutions and end-users

“‘Contributing Wits and Powers to Enhance the Quality of Life and become a world-class leading enterprise in the industry’ is our vision all along. For that end, we are committed to establishing a platform that empowers life sciences in all respects, using synergy of enterprises, universities, research institutions and end-users.” RWD’s Marketing Director Gao Jianbin(Benjamin) noted, “We are thus required to abandon the dealership mentality and forge a comprehensive partnership and ecosystem jointly with our users and partners. Taking advantage of our crack teams, a full range of portfolios and service systems, and sound institution of core technologies and R&D innovations built up over the past 2 decades, we make the partnership strategy a top priority. Apart from relying on and empowering our partners, we also give full play to their strengths. In addition, we set up a platform jointly with global partners and users, with a view to furthering inter-industrial collaboration and exchange of experience and spurring success of users and development of life science industry.”

To bring mutual trust and cooperation between users, between users and partners, and between partners to a higher level, RWD takes a stream of innovative moves: RWD Scholarship for promoting talent training in the industry, RWD Forefront Forum for advancing exploration at the forefront of industry, Reward Academy and RWD Experiments Resources for sparking inventive experimental methods in the industry, RWD Whitepaper for facilitating industrial standardization…

RWD’s Marketing Director Gao Jianbin(Benjamin) in presentation

RWD heads for a bright future hand in hand with global partners

In the introduction of RWD’s 2021 business achievements and 2022 blueprint,

the Director of International Sales Department of Life Science Line, Zheng Jieluan(Gen), demonstrated RWD’s good momentum and some customer success stories in 2021. She said, RWD takes a customer-centric attitude and ensures continuity of supply of products catering to market requirements, creating greater value for customers. RWD partners from across the globe are also complimentary about the company’s pursuit of product innovation, stringent control for quality and provision of considerate and meticulous customer services. As life science industry is burgeoning at faster pace, RWD plans to allot over 100 million US dollars for research & development of premium and competitive products in the following 5 years. Teaming up with global partners, the company will work on the bounty of scientific research solutions and contribute to progress and growth of the industry with continuous efforts.

Zheng Jieluan (Gen), the Director of International Sales Department of Life Science Line, outlining 2021 performance and 2022 blueprint in a report

RWD has every confidence in fulfilling its commitment to global partners – “Go Forward Together, Get Reward Future” and the future of the industry. In the future, RWD will continue to leverage its independent development and innovation capacity and attentively work on market and product development. Apart from upgrading our flagship products, we will also roll out more new products that meet trends of today’s marketplace. By deepening cooperation with all partners across the world, RWD, with global vision and foresight, will eventually become a world leader with noticeable contribution to “value of industry ecosystem” by delivering reliable solutions in animal health, life science, and clinical medicine.

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