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Precise Counting Enables Cell Procedure More Convenient and Faster

   |  March 28, 2022

The counting area of C100 Automated Cell Counter is 3.5 times bigger than that of a traditional hemocytometer.

The more cells are counted, the more accurate the result is.

Fig1:Counting area comparison between traditional hemocytometer and C100 Automated Cell Counter
Fig2:C100 Automated Cell Counter

The self-developed intelligent algorithms can identify those aggregated cells accurately.

Fig3:(A) Aggregated cells are identified. (B) HEK393 cells were serially diluted and counted, showing a linear relationship between the theoretical value and the detected value, indicating that the measurement is accurate and stable.

Through adjusting, cell size, circularity, and brightness, C100 enables to pinpoint of specific cells.

Fig4:Parameter setting program

With the disposable counting slide, there is no need to worry about biological hazards.

Fig5:Disposable counting slide

Moreover, the fluorescent cube is optional, screening for different types of cells is applicable.

Fig6:Fluorescent cube
Fig7:Trypan-blue staining
Fig8:Fluorescent staining
Fig9:Detection of transfection efficiency

More over,the C100-Pro complied with FDA 21 CFR Part 11. Data can be transmitted via LAN and server to ensure data security and convenience.


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