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68098 Monkey Spinal Cord Impactor

  • RWD’s monkey spinal impactor is a unique tool to evaluate the mechanisms of injury spinal cord model. It adopts the precise laser to achieve the precise location and measurement. Used together with the large animal stereotaxic instrument and the monkey spinal cord adaptor, the spinal impactor solve the problem of modeling error caused by spinal collapse, thus to ensure the effectiveness and uniformity during the experiment

Technical Specifications

  • Features
  • Technical Specifications

0.01mm                                    Disassembled

Precise localization and Distance measurement          Easily cleanable

  • It has an excellent structure and is easy to operate.It is specially designed for the establishment of spinal cord injury model of monkeys within 5kg, such as Macaca Fascicularis
  • Using pneumatic principle to control strike speed, strike depth and stay time is widely used and the damage effect is remarkable
  • Laser sensor is used to measure the distance accurately and the precision can reach 0.01mm. The damage degree of the model can be controlled accurately and the repetition effect is great
  • The parametric curve of Impactor is clear through the software interface, which is reliable and can better simulate the biomechanical characteristics of trauma
  • Cylindrical flat-head hammer with external diameter of 3mm can be disassembled, sterilized under high temperature and pressure, and easy to clean
  • The strike speed range is from 0.00 to 1.00m/s, the strike depth range is from 0.00 to 9.00mm and the strike residence time range is from 0.05 to 1.00s, which can be adjusted to cause different degrees of damage
  • Spinal cord adapter is fixed by dragging the spinal cord from below the bilateral transverse processes to avoid depth measurement errors caused by animal breathing and spinal cord subsidence during striking

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