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Minux® Cryostats

  • RWD Minux® cryostats meets the needs of both research and clinical. Automatic and semi-automatic functions to meet the needs of different customers.


  • Precise motor stepping system to ensure section quality.
  • Cabinet and sample head dual cooling, freezing table and endothermic block for rapid sample freezing.
  • Anti-roll plate prevents slices from curling.


  • UV disinfection, reduce the risk of contamination with infectious materials.
  • Knife guarding and retracting device to protect the safety of the operator.
  • Alarm function of remaining injection to prompt the sectioning process in time to ensure smooth.


  • The touch screen is easy to operate.
  • Half knife function,simplify operation,save time and effort
  • Automatic knife setting, identify the current fixed position of the wax block, one-click reset, save time and efficiently slice.
  • Automatic defrost, also can be manually defrosted.
  • The endothermic block can flatten the sample and reduce the number of tissue repairs.

Technical Specifications

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Model FS800 Semi-Automated FS800A Automated
Section thickness setting range: 0.50 – 100 µm
Trimming section thickness setting range: 1 – 600 µm
Electric sectioning speed: 0-1800µm ajustable
Specimen retraction: 20±5µm
Specimen feed: 28mm
Vertical stroke: 70mm
Specimen orientation with zero position horizontal/vertical rotation: X/Y axis 8°
Number of refrigerated sites: 15
Number of fast cooling sites: 2
Freezer refrigeration temperature: 0℃~-35℃
Sample head minimum cooling temperature: -50℃
Fully automated and semi- automated mode switch
Emergency stop button
Cut window function
Slice speed selection
Multiple slice modes



  • Pathological diagnosis
  • Biological research
  • Neuroanatomical research
  • Pharmaceutical research

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