• dissociation kit

High Efficiency Debris Removal Kit

Removal of debris from single cell suspension samples for downstream application experiments.

Cat No: DHDR-5006

Number of reactions: 50T

Technical Specifications

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Q1:What are the storage conditions for the debris removal kit?
A1:The debris removal reagent must be stored at 4°C in the refrigerator, as freezing may cause the reagent to lose its effectiveness.

Q2:What is the principle of the debris removal kit?
A2:Based on density gradient centrifugation, because the sedimentation coefficients of cells and debris are different, centrifugation makes cells and debris separate into layers, which removes the debris.

Q3:What is the order of removing the liquid after the debris removal layering?
A3:After centrifugation, the liquid is divided into three layers, and the middle white flocculent layer is the debris layer. You can remove the middle debris layer first, and then remove the upper layer.

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