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  • D-U2000
  • Magnetic platform
  • Operation console
  • High speed handpiece with white light

D-U2000 Flexible Veterinary Dental Unit

Unique featured with great quality and friendly price, D-U2000 flexible veterinary dental unit can completely fulfill the needs of veterinarians for the dental treatment of animals. It has integrated ultrasonic scaler, LED high speed 360°swivel handpiece, low speed handpiece etc., allowing veterinarians to offer the most comprehensive and highest quality dental care to animals, including cutting, grinding, finishing, scaling and polishing and so on.

With D-U2000 flexible veterinary unit, you will…

  • l Get high return on equipment investment.
  • l Shorten the treatment, therefore reduce the risk of anesthesia.
  • l Reduce the damage of alveolar bone and oral mucosa caused by violent tooth extraction.
  • l Reduce the risk of retained roots.
  • l Make more flexible dental treatment solutions.

Technical Specifications

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  • Powerful 360° swivel high-speed handpiece with self-generating LED illumination helps veterinarians cut animal teeth easily.
  • Automatically drain pollution or water from the air tank, greatly reduces the trouble of daily maintenance for veterinary, reduces the risk of rust, and prolong the lifespan.
  • Low speed motor with coolant delivery tube for effective cooling. It can also compatible with polishing head and burs.
  • Magnetic platform to absorb burs or other fine tools, avoid accidental sliding or loss.
  • 28000Hz scaler with automatic frequency tracking to ensure power, and white LED light for clear vision without fatigue.
  • Whole machine weighs only 32kg. Super smooth casters will ensure flexible movement.
Item Specification
Dimension Length 45cm
Width 40cm
Height 80-105cm
Weight 32KG
Oil-Free Air Compressor Power 110V/220V,50/60Hz
Out Put Pressure 0.45-0.5Mpa
High Speed Handpiece 330000-390000rpm
Low Speed Handpiece 5000-20000rpm
Auto Drain Function Single time 0.5~10s
Interval time 0.5~45min
Sound Level ≤65dB
Description D-U2000(Standard Edition D-U2000L(Lite
High Speed Handpiece 1pcs ——
Low Speed Handpiece 1pcs ——
3 Way Air/Water Syringe 1pcs 1pcs
Scaler Handpiece 1pcs 1pcs
Burs 1 Set(Tapered fissure burs*5+Spherical burs*5) ——
Disposable Polishing Head 1 Package(5pcs) ——
Scaling Tips 1 Set(5pcs) 1 Set(5pcs)
Note: The D-U2000L(Lite)reserves the interface for high and low speed handpiece

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