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Gas Evacuation Apparatus

The gas evacuation apparatus (GEA) was designed to safely and actively remove waste gas associated with everyday inhalation anesthesia. The GEA will accommodate waste gas supply from at least 5 masks. The new one has been upgraded with a wider range of exhaust flow, Low noise, and Exquisite exterior design

Technical Specifications

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  • Feature:

    • New design make it m ore e xquisite and easy to c arry.
    • A wide r ange of flow r ate-8~60LPM, display on t he LED s creen could in real t ime.
    • No venting h ood is required while using.
    • Powerful c apture allows to a ccommodate waste g as supply f rom 1 t o 5 m asks.
    • The velocity of “pull” or “draw” c an b e a djusted depending on t he s tations (masks).
    • Great remove e ffectiveness to replace t he t raditional e xhaust f an with remove.ability less than 5g.
    • Online weighing(0~2000g), get t he weight of c anister directly f rom t he display.

    Two level overweight alarm: 9 90g and 1010g

Cat No.Description
R546ProGas Evacuation Apparatus with Weight Monitoring, 110-240V

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