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Gas Evacuation Apparatus R546-Pro

The gas evacuation apparatus (GEA) was designed to safely and actively remove waste gas associated with everyday inhalation anesthesia. The GEA will accommodate waste gas supply from at least 5 masks. The new one has been upgraded with a wider range of exhaust flow, Low noise, and Exquisite exterior design

Technical Specifications

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  • Feature:

    • New design make it m ore e xquisite and easy to c arry.
    • A wide r ange of flow r ate-8~60LPM, display on t he LED s creen could in real t ime.
    • No venting h ood is required while using.
    • Powerful c apture allows to a ccommodate waste g as supply f rom 1 t o 5 m asks.
    • The velocity of “pull” or “draw” c an b e a djusted depending on t he s tations (masks).
    • Great remove e ffectiveness to replace t he t raditional e xhaust f an with remove.ability less than 5g.
    • Online weighing(0~2000g), get t he weight of c anister directly f rom t he display.

    Two level overweight alarm: 9 90g and 1010g

Cat No. Description
R546Pro Gas Evacuation Apparatus with Weight Monitoring, 110-240V

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