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Animal Anesthesia Vaporizers and Accessories

  • RWD anesthesia machine vaporizer adopts advanced design to accurately control the output concentration of anesthesia. Pour Fill, Easy Fill, and Key Fill, Cagemount available.
  • Stable concentration output unaffected by flow, temperature and pressure

Diverse Options

  • Pour Fill, Easy Fill, and Key Fill, Cagemount and Selectatec available

All Check

  • Completely calibrated and tested one by one

Technical Specifications

  • Technical Parameters
  • Model Information
  • Features
Capacity >120ml
Working temperature range 10℃ to 35℃
Concentration range 0-5% or 0-8%
Cat No. Description
R580S Vaporizer type 1 – Pour Fill – Cagemount
R581S Vaporizer type 2 – Pour Fill – Cagemount
R582S Vaporizer type 3 – Easy Fill – Cagemount
R583S Vaporizer type 4 – Easy Fill – Cagemount
R584S Vaporizer type 9 – Key Fill-Cagemount
R585S Vaporizer type 10 – Key Fill – Cagemount
R580-IO Vaporizer Endcaps (1 pair)
R580-SA Vaporizer Suspension Assembly
    • The built-in temperature compensator ensures the stable concentration of anesthesia gas at different temperatures and flow rates, the flow range is 0.2-10L/min
  • Mixed anesthetia gas output pressure range △ P ≤ 2.5kPa
  • Applicable temperature range: 10-35 ℃
  • Good tightness, internal 50kPa pressure can be maintained, zero leakage, safe and reliable
  • Internal capacity is not less than 120ml, and the range of vaporizer concentration is 0-5% or 0-8%)
  • Anti-accident open lock structure and closed state security protection structure to ensure safety
  • The average filling rate is greater than 2ml/s, and the dosing adapter can withstand the pressure of 0.1mpa without leakage(Key Fill)

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