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Low Stress Anesthesia Induction Chamber

Low stress: Rodents lack cone cells that sense red light and are insensitive to red light.The red transparent appearance is convenient for the experimenter to observe the stateof the animal while reducing the stress response of the animal and reducing the impacton the biological rhythm of the animal. Comply with animal welfare.

Technical Specifications

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1.Anti escape design: When the top cover is opened and closed, the gas evacuation apparatus can quickly absorb excess anesthetic gas, ensuring the safety of the experimenter without affecting the anesthetic effect.
2.Open space: support mice to induce anesthesia
simultaneously. Does not affect the behavior of rodents such as standing and sniffing.


Low Stress Anesthesia Induction Chamber Model Product Description Remarks
V105 Low Stress Anesthesia Induction Chamber,
for Mice and Rats (31cm*15cm*19cm)
The pipeline connecting the Gas Evacuation
Apparatus is already included

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