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Osmotic pumps
miniature infusion pump for mice, rat
Osmotic pumps
RWD mini osmotic pump for rodent
implantable continous release pumps for mouse, rat
osmotic pumps2
Osmotic pumps
miniature infusion pump for mice, rat
Osmotic pumps
RWD mini osmotic pump for rodent
implantable continous release pumps for mouse, rat
osmotic pumps2

Osmotic Pumps

With competitive price, RWD miniature infusion pump is designed for precise and continuous long-term dosing in mice and rats, durations for up to 6 weeks, which relieves researchers who are burdened by multiple injections.

It can be implanted subcutaneously or intraperitoneal for systemic administration, or connected to a catheter to provide targeted delivery for blood vessels, brain, spinal cord, or other specific areas infusion.

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The osmotic pump consists of a robust semi-permeable membrane that allows animals’ fluids to pass through. Built-in high-pressure salt interlayer, which absorbs animal fluids, causing them to expand and squeeze the drug storage capsule. The stored liquid in the capsule can be delivered to specific tissue area continuously and accurately at a constant rate.

(drug delivery system as the image below )



  • Cardiovascular disease model;
  • Addiction Research;
  • Emotion-based research;
  • Medication research for diabetes and other metabolic diseases;
  • Pain, injury, and other therapeutic drug infusions;
  • Cancer Drug Screening;

Positions of the implanted pump and the drug pumped out

The pump can be implanted directly into the peritoneal cavity or the back of the neck to deliver the drug.
Drug delivery can be even for specific tissues, such as vessels, inner brain, spinal cord, lung, liver etc., just by attaching catheters or other accessories.

Size of Pump

Models: 3 sizes, 100ul, 200ul, and 2ml. The pump rate is stable through in-vivo testing.

Benefits of material

Made by biocompatible material to avoid immune rejection after implantation in rats and mice. Each pump is also sterilized by irradiation to ensure no inflammatory reaction in mice and rats.


Stable Pumping Rate

Predictable dosing and minimizes experimental variables to ensure reproducible and consistent results.

Reduced Stress Response to Mice and Rats

Different from the traditional multiple injections, it reduces the stress response by continuous administration, without frequent animal handling, that ensures the experimental results and that animal welfare is guaranteed.

Wide Application, Easy to Operate

Reducing the need for regular injections at night and on weekends. It can be directly subcutaneously or intraperitoneally embedded for systemic drug delivery, or connected to a catheter for use in other specific tissues or organs such as blood vessels, brain, liver, etc.


【 specifications】

Capsule Capacity 100μl 200μl 2mL
Type 1003D 1001W 1002W 1004W 1006W 2003D 2001W 2002W 2004W 2mL1W 2mL2W 2mL4W
Duration 3D 1W 2W 4W 6W 3D 1W 2W 4W 1W 2W 4W
Pumping Rate(μL/hr) 1 0.5 0.25 0.125 0.083 2 1 0.5 0.25 10 5 2.5
Flow regulator Cap Without PE material
Tube 304 stainless steel material
Infusion Syringe Flat head for the injection of liquid

【 ordering information】



Brain Infusion Kit


For 1-3mm deep brain area administration

(10 Bags/ Package)


For 3-5mm deep brain area administration

(10 Bags/ Package)

Catheter Delivery Kit


For long-distance muscle administration

(10 Bags/ Package)

Clients Say

"Hello Cindy, They seemed to have worked quite well in our first batch of experiments. We are still analyzing and collecting the data but we saw significant cardiac hypertrophy in the mice with Ang-II in the osmotic pumps suggesting the pumps worked."


University of Iowa

"We are very satisfied with the quality of the RWD Osmotic Pumps and prepaid 20 boxes. Hope the 1004W pump available it as soon as possible."


Fudan University

"The experiment using osmotic pump comes out very good results. I will mention RWD in our publications. thank you!"


University of Missouri

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