• implantable continous release pumps for mouse, rat
  • RWD Osmotic pumps
  • miniature infusion pump for mice, rat
  • osmotic pumps2
  • RWD mini osmotic pump for rodent

Osmotic Pumps

The mini osmotic pump has become the best tool for a continuous dose of unrestrained laboratory animals. It can be implanted subcutaneously or intraperitoneally in small animals. Minimizes side effects and experimental variables, and reduces the risk of stress due to frequent animal handling.

And it is used for continuous and controlled delivery of a wide range of drugs, including antibodies, growth factors, cytokines, chemotherapeutics, addictive drugs, hormones, steroids and more, for durations ranging from one day to 4 weeks, without the need for external connections or frequent handling. It gives you the confidence to establish animal models (mice, rats, rodents) of various diseases.

Models: 3 sizes, 100ul, 200ul, and 2ml. The pump rate is stable through in-vivo testing.


“We use RWD Osmotic Pumps to deliver angiotensin II to prepare the hypertension model. It works very well, and the effect of increasing blood pressure is obvious, and the modeling is successful.”

— Minzu University


“We are very satisfied with the quality of the RWD Osmotic Pumps and prepaid 20 boxes. Hope the 1004W pump available it as soon as possible.”

–Fudan University


“We finish the first series of animal experiments by using RWD Osmotic Pumps. it goes all well and the technical service is really nice.”

–University of Greifswald

Technical Specifications

  • Features&Benefits
  • Technical Parameters
  • Animals are dosed continuously at the predetermined dose for extended periods, including nights and weekends;
  • Easy to use, without complex programming or software to learn; Once implanted, they operate unattended for durations up to 4 weeks, eliminating the need for repetitive dosing & frequent animal handling;
  • Small size, available for use in mice, rat, and larger animals;
  • Catheter attachment enables the direct administration of agents into a specific organ or tissue.




Capacity 100μl 200μl 2mL
Type 1003D 1001W 1002W  


2003D 2001W 2002W  




2mL2W 2mL4W
Duration 3D 1W 2W 4W 3D 1W 2W  




2W 4W
Pumping Rate(μL/hr) 1 0.5 0.25  


2 1 0.5  




5 2.5
Flow regulator Cap Without PE material
Tube 304 stainless steel material
Infusion Syringe Flat head for the injection of liquid

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