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R420 Veterinary Electric Turbo Ventilator

As a mechanical ventilation device, this is definitely a veterinary ventilation innovation! With high-performance turbine drive, R420 ventilator no longer needs driven gas! It’s a good solution to gas consumption problem of traditional ventilators. In addition, its easy-to-use working modes and comprehensive monitoring of animal ventilation state can ensure safe ventilation.

Customer Testimonials

“The overall operation is simple, and the animal’s anesthesia state is more stable. After getting used to it, it is inseparable.”— Dr. Zhou from Shenzhen United Pet Hospital

Customer Testimonials

“The anesthesia was relatively stable throughout the operation. After using the ventilator, the ventilation quality of the animal can be guaranteed. Compared with R419, R420 is more convenient to use and more powerful.”—Dr. Li from Guangzhou Leader Animal Hospital

Customer Testimonials

“The R420 has good features, especially as there is no longer any need for an external high pressure air supply, and we have had a good experience with it.”——Dr. Wu from Guangzhou Leader Animal Hospital

Technical Specifications

  • Features
  • Technical Parameters
  • Configuration
  • Turbo Drive: Electronically driven by a high-performance turbine, no more driven gas
  • Precise ventilation:Minimum tidal volume down to 4 mL,more friendly to tiny animals.
  • Smart preset: Once inputting animal weight, smart respiratory parameters can be called up.
  • Guard “breathing” safety: Accurate and continuous monitoring of respiratory status, such as airway pressure – time chart, minute volume, EtCO2, and etc.
  • Multiple alarms: Multiple alarms and clear handling prompts ensure the safety of mechanical ventilation
  • PEEP function: Help veterinarians solve low SpO2 problems during surgery
  • Auto system leak test:Graphical guidance for quick start
  • Remote control of inspiratory hold: During a CT scan of the chest or abdomen, help the animal to hold the inspiration and complete the CT scan
Item Specification
Working principle Turbo drive
Size 291mm×336mm×462mm
Net weight 8.5kg
Animal weight range 0.4 kg-150 kg
Respiratory rate 2~60bpm
I:E 1:1.0-1:4.0
Tidal volume 4-1500 ml
Peak inspiratory pressure 5-50 cmH2O
PEEP 3~20 cmH2O, OFF
Trig pressure PEEP OFF: -10~ -1cmH2O,OFF;

PEEP ON: -10~ -4cmH2O,OFF

Touch screen 7inch,1024*600px
EtCO2 measuring range Measuring range :0mmHg – 114 mmHg
EtCO2 sample flow rate 75mL/min
Model R420 R420-Plus R420-Pro
Smart preset
VCV, PCV and APNEA modes
Sidestream EtCO2 monitoring
INSP. HOLD remote control

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