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  • RSA-Anesthesia Machine
  • RSA-Anesthesia Machine
  • RSA-Anesthesia Machine
  • RSA-Anesthesia Machine
  • RSA-Anesthesia Machine

RSA Small Vet Anesthesia Machine

  • RSA inhalation anesthesia machine is specially designed for small pets such as reptiles, birds, cats, and small mammals within 12 kg. It features with dual-flow meter (air & oxygen) to meet the demands of different species.

  • Dual-flowmeter (air and oxygen)

  • Built-in oxygen flush button to prevent accidentally operating

  • High accuracy vaporizer (Each one has an independent test report)

  • Compact structure and easy operation

Technical Specifications

  • Technical Parameters
  • Model Information
  • The Non-rebreathing system is applicable to animals that weight within 12kg
  • 0 to 4 L/min dual-flowmeter(air and oxygen)
  • Oxygen flush: 10L/min
  • Cagemount suspension
  • Work temperature:10-35℃
Cat No. Description Remarks
RSA-A(H)-S Small Pet Anesthesia Machine Mounting Assembly (Silver) included
R580-IO Vaporizer Endcaps (1 pair)
R583S Vaporizer – Easy Fill – Cagemount Can be changed
R-CT-18 Corrugated Tube – ID 22.0mm, L1.2m
R-NBC-C(POV) Modified Mapleson C System(Pop-Off Occlusion Valve)
R510-31 Gas Filter Canister, Large Optional
V100-V Anesthesia Induction Chamber-Small(15*10*10cm)
V101-V Anesthesia Induction Chamber-Medium (24*12*18cm)
V102-V Anesthesia Induction Chamber-Large (40*18.5*25cm)
R-HS Oxygen Concentrator Shelf (for H-base)
R510-29 Anesthesia Air Pump (HF), 220V
R510-30 Anesthesia Air Pump (HF), 110V
R640-S1-MS-S Monitor Shelf (for R640-S1)

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