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S700 Rotary Microtome

Highlights: Nice slice contiguousness, uniform thickness
Application field: Histopathology/Anatomical Pathology

Built upon market-leading microtome design, featured to enable you to cut sections quickly, easily, safely, and comfortably. It is available with a range of accessories that includes specimen orientation, motorized advance/rewind, and motor drive.
Advance or retract the specimen in the position most comfortable for you to control the motor specimen speed by using a side specimen knob. Enable fast and effortless trimming: with Fast Homing and Memory Position, the instrument can remember the optimal specimen position for your sectioning.
The specially coated waste tank, non-waxed, and the cleaning can be completed in a few seconds.


“We are generally happy with it. S700 is a stable, reliable and high-end quality semi-automatic microtome. This instrument displays extraordinary ergonomic characteristics for comfortable operation while maintaining reproducible precision during sectioning. It run smoothly and your after-sales service is excellent, I would highly recommend it. Thanks

Northwestern University I Feinberg School of Medicine Department of Neurology


“The slices are flat and smooth, with uniform thickness and good continuity.”

America Northwestern University



“Easy to operate and get started quickly. Online fast response and reliable service.”

Tumor Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University


Technical Specifications

  • Features&Benefits
  • Technical Parameters
  • Semi-Auto VS Fully-Auto
  • Model information
  • Precise sampling:Cross roller bearings and Spindle imported from Germany, combined with a five-phase high-resolution Stepper motor and a Link block made of aviation aluminum, form a high-precision sampling system to ensure slice quality.
  • Accurate positioning: Patented technology pointer identification, the sample angle can be adjusted visually, and the positioning is more accurate; the knife holder has a small lateral displacement and high accuracy. The base has a scale, which is convenient for the knife holder to locate and improve the quality of slices.
  •  Operator safety: The handwheel dual locking system comes with a lock prompt sound, and is equipped with a knife ejector and a knife guard, so that the user can safely replace the sample and blade.
  • Information tracking: 5-inch touch screen, history recording system, easy to trace back information and quickly solve problems
  • Convenient operation: German military-grade side injection knob conforms to ergonomic design, and the operation is more comfortable and coordinated.
  • Convenient maintenance: special material waste tank, non-wax, easy to clean
※Semi-automatic operation, motorized injection, manual sectioning.
Section thickness range:0.5 – 100 µm
  • 0.5 – 5.0 µm in 0.5µm increments
  • 5- 20µm in 1µm increments
  • 20 – 30 µm in 2µm increments
  • 30- 60 µm in 5µm increments
  • 60- 100µm in 10µm increments
Trimming section thickness range:1 – 800 µm
  • 1- 10µm in 1µm increments
  • 10- 20µm in 2µm increments
  • 20- 50µm in 5µm increments
  • 50- 100µm in 10µm increments
  • 100- 800µm in 50µm increments
Specimen retraction:0-250μm ajustable
Specimen Feed:28mm
Vertical Stroke:70mm
 Maximum sample size:standard specimen clamp,55×50×30mm
Specimen orientation:X axis/Y axis8°,Z axis 360°
Horizontal feed speed:1800µm/s
※Sample positioning function,patented visual pointer identification,keep samples at the same angle and achieve accurate sample positioning.
※The 5-inch touch screen is easy to operate. Stylish and simple operation interface,easy to learn and understand.
※The side sampling knob is ergonomically designed to make operation more comfortable. The half-knife repair function simplifies the operation process, save time and effort.
Handwheel dual lock system, lock the handwheel at any position. Knife guarding and retracting device, emergency stop button, multiply enhance the protection of the operator.
Sample position memory function, one-click reset, improve sectioning efficiency.
 Audible and visual alarm when the horizontal sampling stroke is 1mm remaining.
The historical record system can query the equipment usage and facilitate information tracking.
Model S700 Semi-Auto S700A Fully-Auto
Section thickness setting range: 0.50 – 100 µm
Trimming section thickness setting range: 1 – 800 µm
Electric sectioning speed: 0-1800µm
Specimen retraction: 0-250µm
Specimen feed: 28mm
Vertical stroke: 70mm
Specimen orientation with zero position horizontal/vertical rotation: X/Y axis 8°
Maximum specimen size:55*50*30mm
W x D x H: 483mm×553mm×305mm
Machine weight 28kg 36.4kg
Fully motorized and semi- motorized mode switch
Emergency stop button
Cut window function
Slice speed selection
Multiple slice modes

Standard accessories:

Rotary Microtome S700 ×1
Tool holder assembly S700-F2 ×1
Tool Kit S700-F3 ×1
Easy-clean waste tray S700-F1 ×1
Microtome Blades,50 PCS. For rotary microtome and crostats use. S700-F5 ×1
Power cable PB-1 ×1
User manual ×1
Dust cover ×1


Optional accessories:

Universal clamp S700-F3 ×1
Standard clamp S700-F4 ×1
Blade holder assembly S700-F7 ×1
Blade holder upper bracket S700-F9 ×1
Antistatic waste tray S700-F6 ×1


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