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RSV Small Pet Ventilator

  • RWD Small Pet Ventilator is applicable to mechanical ventilation of reptiles, birds, cats, and small mammals within 12 kg. It requires only setting airway pressure and respiratory rate to provide safe mechanical ventilation for animals.


  • Provide safe and efficient Intermittent Positive Pressure Ventilation (IPPV)

Real-time Display

  • Indicate airway pressure by real-time graphics
  • Display respiratory rate, I: E ratio, inhalation time and exhalation time by real-time

Alarm and Prompt

  • Built-in alarm parameters to monitor animal breathing status

Respiratory Rate Setting

  • Set value of respiratory rate directly

Technical Specifications

  • Technical Parameters
  • Model Information
Work Pattern IPPV
Weight 1.4kg
Airway Pressure 1-60cmH2O
Respiratory rate 1-120bpm
Patient weight range ≤12kg
Screen 2.8inch,320*240px
Power Supply AC power:100V〜240V,50 / 60Hz,1.5A

DC power:24V

Cat.No Description
RSV RSV Small Animal Ventilator
RSV-ET Exhaust Tube 
RSV-EK Extension Kit
RSV-GS Gas Supply Hose
RSV-LDS Low Dead Space Kit

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