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Standard Stereotaxic Instruments

Standard Stereotaxic Instruments is the basic equipment of neuroscience research(100 micron resolution) . The “U”-shaped frame design ensures stability. Replace the rat and mouse adapter to realize the positioning of the brain area of the rat and the mouse.

  • Unique UP indicator to prevent incorrect operation
  • Double-lead screw design, more stable and accurate operation
  • Relieve eyestrain by light interrupted
  • Curved nose clamp secure the animal firmly
  • Adaptors of rats, mice, birds, cats and other different animal are optional

Technical Specifications

  • Technical Parameters
  • Model information
  • Manual
  • References

1. Adaptors available for rat, mouse, rabbit, guinea pig, etc.

2. Working distance in each dimension is 80 mm with precise alignment to 0.1mm resolution.

3. Vertical direction: 180° rotation and lock at any angles.

4. Horizontal direction: 360° rotation and lock at any angles.

5. Dual-lead screws ensure stable, accurate and smooth manipulation.

6. Accuracy and flexibility can be maintained at variable temperatures.

7. Extended base plate (400mm x 255mm) is applicable for a variety of animal sizes.

8. Unique anti-clockwise UP mark engraved in the knob prevents incorrect operation.

9. Vertical lock and fixing knob are separated to ensure accurate function at any angle.

10. To ensure a precise designed lateral rotation operating space, the distance between knob and the U-shaped frame is 28mm.

11. Laser engraved scales enable comfortable reading.

12. Curved nose clamp design secures the head of animals.

13. Ear bar locked plate pressing instead of clamping ensures more stability.

14. Syringe pump, micro camera and drill can be attached to instruments.

Model Product Description Adaptor Ear bar Three-dimensional manipulator Holder Base plate
68001 Stereotaxic for Rat 68021 Rat 18° SGL-Left 68201 68861N
68002 Stereotaxic for Rat 68021 Rat 18° Dual 68201 68861N
68005 Stereotaxic for Rat 68021 Rat 45° SGL-Left 68201 68861N
68006 Stereotaxic for Rat 68021 Rat 45° Dual 68201 68861N
68037 Stereotaxic for Mouse 68030 Mouse Included in 68030 SGL-Left 68201 68861N
68038 Stereotaxic for Mouse 68030


Included in 68030 Dual 68201 68861N
68043 Stereotaxic for Mouse 68055 60° SGL-Left 68201 68861N
68044 Stereotaxic for Rat 68055 60° Dual 68201 68861N
68535 Stereotaxic for Mouse 68077 60° SGL-Left 68201 68861N
68536 Stereotaxic for Rat 68078 18° Dual 68201 68861N
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