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  • RLT 24 Veterinary Laser Therapy
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RLT-24 Veterinary Laser Therapy

Adopted laser therapy technology, RLT-24 Veterinary Laser Therapy is designed to provide reliable, effective treatment such as pain relief, speed healing, recovery from injuries for your pet patients, which is widely used for diagnosis, treatment, and surgery of pet patients, and for relevant clinical basic research. It is a convenient, safe, cost-effective and portable device specialized for veterinarians in domestic and international market.

To effectively reduce pain and inflammation associated with a variety of acute and chronic conditions, to get your ROI right here, let’s start consultation today.

Technical Specifications

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  • High power: the laser power is up to 24W, with remarkable treatment effect, stable light, safe and fast;
  • Intelligence solution: more than 1,300 recommended treatment built in, featured by easy operation and easy control by veterinarians;
  • Dual applications: combined with the optional surgical accessory kit, the device can support both therapy andsurgery applications to get involved in the complete Intraoperative-Postoperative recovery process;
  • Multiple modes: support three laser emission modes: CW mode, Pulse mode and ISP mode. The combination of multiple modes can improve the treatment efficiency, reduce thermal burns, and intensify laser treatment;
  • Four wavelengths: arbitrary combination of four wavelength lasers of 650nm, 810nm, 915nm and 980nm, superior lasers of different wavelengths available for different cases, and wider clinical application scope;
  • User-friendly design: LCD touch screen; the rear-mounted large optical fiber winding disk, which is convenient for storage and protects the optical fiber and prolongs its service life;
  • Features: built-in video tutorial board, “hands-on” teaching, and no difficulty in operation; automatic storage of treatment records for easy information traceability.



Laser Source

High powered laser diode module

Screen Size

7-inch LCD touch screen

Screen Pixels


Device Size


Net Weight

Not more than 4.5KG

Battery Capacity


Aiming Beam Wavelength


Aiming Beam Power

< 25mW



Wavelength Combinations

650nm, 810nm, 915nm, 980nm

Output Power

CW mode, max power 24W

Pulse mode, max average power 12W

ISP mode, peak power 28W

Name Quantity Usage description Remarks
Veterinary Laser Therapy Device 1 Laser therapy Standard
Optical fiber handpiece 1 Laser transmission and control (for laser therapy)
Lens 5 Change the beam size to realize optimal treatment and diversity
Protective goggles 6 3 for human and 3 for animals for eyes protection
Interlocking safety system 1 The interlock should be connected to the device to prevent any personnel entering the room and being exposed to the laser irradiation
Power adaptor 1 Device power input
Toolbox 1 Store lens and therapy optical fiber handpiece
Laser dust cover 1 Protect the device from dust Optional

(Laser Surgical Accessory Kit)

Laser Surgical Fiber 1 Laser transmission (for laser surgery)
Laser Surgical Handle 1 Control laser fiber movement, can be sterilized
Fiber Stripper 1 Stripping fiber coating
Fiber Cutter 1 Cleaves to remove used or contaminated fiber terminations
Laser Needle 10 Fix and guide fiber terminations.
Laser Foot Switch 1 Control laser transmission and pause
Trolley case 1 For storage of device, goggles and other accessories Optional
Trolley 1 For placing and moving device and needed accessories
Advantages of Laser Therapy
  • Pain Relief
    Laser decreases nerve sensitivity by decreasing bradykinin. It normalizes ion channels and releases endorphins and enkephalins that produce an analgesic effect.
  • Anti-inflammatory
    The light from the laser can decrease the release of pro-inflammatory chemicals, thus reducing the inflammatory signals in the region.
  • Accelerated Tissue Repair and Cell Growth
    Laser light stimulates fibroblast development in damaged tissue. And photons of light from lasers penetrate deeply into tissue and accelerate cellular reproduction and growth.


Laser surgery is a surgical method that uses a laser beam to cut tissue instead of the real scalpel. The laser beam is collimated and has a high concentration of energy to effectively vaporizes or separates tissue.



  • Wider Application

It can be combined with endoscopes and other instruments to participate in a variety of surgical protocols including extracorporeal ablation, gingivectomy, endoluminal polypectomy and intraluminal tumor ablation.

  • Less bleeding

The thermal effect of the laser can weld the small blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and nerve endings around the wound, accelerating the closure process to achieve the fast hemostasis.

  • Shorter Surgery time

The focal point of the laser surgical fiber can be likened to a sharp blade. The highly focused energy and the heat generated will ablate the target tissue rapidly.

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