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Detailed Explanation of 11 Key Problems of Cryostat

   |  June 9, 2022

In daily work, we always hope the cryostat could be a reliable helper.
Silky and smooth slicing experience is always what we expected.

In fact, the cryostat we are using maybe have many kinds of issues…
But that doesn’t matter, we will help you solve various problems.


Abnormal temperature change

We have summarized 5 common temperature problems of the cryostat, and understanding them can help you quickly troubleshoot the temperature change.

The normal temperature of the cryostat is?• Cryochamber temperature range:0~-35℃
• Specimen Cooling temperature range: -10~-50℃
• The commonly used temperature of the cryochamber:-25℃
• The commonly used temperature of the specimen:-20℃
Can’t the ambient• The laboratory space is too small.
• The heat sink of the cryostat is blocked.
temperature of the cryostat come down?• There is a large heat source equipment nearby.
Causes of machine heating?• To prevent fog,the glass window will be automatically heated
• Taking away the heat when it is cooled,and the machine will produce heat when it is running.If the heat is obviously abnormal,please pay attention to whether the heat sink is blocked.
Why did the cryostat heat up automatically?• When setting the temperature,there is an overshoot when it is just reached.
• Some equipment may have temperature instability when they open the window for a long time,but RWD can.
What is the temperature when the cryostat is not working?Two modes of RWD Cryostat
• Standby mode:The temperature dimensions of the cryochamber and specimen keep the working temperature unchanged.
• Sleeping mode:The temperature of the cryochamber is about -10℃,and it only takes half an hour to recover to -25℃.


Only when you know how to handle a knife can you get a good film

Knife holder, blade and other related parts are the keypionts for you to cut out high-quality films. The following 6 questions can help you quickly troubleshoot related problems.

What is the reason why the knife holder is out of the gap?• The excessive feeding sample hit its head against the knife holder.
• The knife holder falls and collides in the process of taking.
• Tool holder damages caused by other reasons.
How do I change the blade?• Replace the blade through the knife holder or the knife retractor provided with the anti-roll plate.
• Remove the blade by tweezer-assisted clamp.
How to install the blade?• Unlock the blade locking knob on the knife holder.
• Put the hand-held blade(edge up)into the blade clamping place.
How does thickness change of the cryostat?• After laying the blade flat,lock the knob.
• Start cutting operation.
• The thickness of the slice was adjusted during the feeding process.
• Mistakenly touch adjustment control unit.
How long can the blade be used at a time?• Conventional blades:20-30 tissue sections.
• RWD blades:40-50 tissue sections(Strong rigidity,sharp and durable).
Why the cryostat does not feeding sample?• Has reached the front and last end of the specimen.
• The sample feeding part has freezen.

Have you ever encountered the above 11 situations in your daily work? If you encounter problems according to the problem list given to you, you can get smooth and silky slicing!

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