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Tubular Type Restrainer

Tubular type restrainer is used to restrict the animal from turning or moving by fixation on rear-end and flexibly regulated, for injury decreased caused by animal movements. The unique design of tapered nose fixator provides easy-access for animals, meanwhile helps animals feel safety. In addition, a vent located on nose restrainer also helps the animal breathe easier. Tail is able to stretch, and help the animal to stay still for over 1 hour.

Taper restrainer is a new fixed tool design for animal injection, suitable for fast and efficient batch injection, and it has the characteristics of transparent, durable, easy to clean and stable.

Technical Specifications

  • Typical Application
  • Ordering Information
  • Conscious animal non-invasive blood pressure measurements
  • Tail blood sampling
  • Intravenous infusion
  • Tail root subcutaneous or intracutaneous injection
  • Tail tenderness
  • Animal behavior observation, etc.
Specification Products description
9131 Small Holder for up to 15g Mouse/L110×I.D.20mm
9132 Medium Holder for 15-40g Mouse/L135×I.D.30mm
9133 Large Holder for 50-75g Mouse/L160×I.D.40mm
9134 Small Holder for 75-200g Rat/L200×I.D.50mm
9135 Medium Holder for 200-300g Rat/L210×I.D.60mm
9136 Large Holder for 300-500g Rat/L220×I.D.70mm
9137 Extra Large Holder for above 500g Rat/L230×I.D.80mm
9138 Cone Holder for Rat /L150×H130×O.D.100mm

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