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  • 71000 Automated Stereotaxic Instrument
  • 71000 Automated Stereotaxic Instrument

71000 Automated Stereotaxic Instrument

71000 is an automated and intelligent stereotaxic instrument with high precision (1 μm). The software has built-in rat and mouse brain atlas and automatic procedures (skull window, tissue removal and automated injection procedure), which can be observing the position of the probe relative to the brain area is convenient and efficient, and the operation is easy to use, greatly reducing the errors and damage caused by manual operation. In addition, it has an anti-collision function to prevent animal damage caused by wrong movement, which is safer.

Technical Specifications

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★ Precision
1micron resolution.
Motor instead of manual, precise control of displacement.

★ Precise Positioning Without Leveling
Atlas Calibration Function, accurate positioning without leveling.

★ Atlas Integration
Visualization of probe displacement.

★ Tiltable Injection
Manipulators Tilt Function, no need to manually calculate the positioning path.

★ Automated Functions
Automated procedures such as Skull Window, Tissue Removal, and Automated Injection programs are more efficient and convenient.

★ High Repeatability

Working environment Temperature:5°C~40°C
Air pressure: 57 kPa ~ 106 kPa
Storage environment Temperature:-20°C~60°C
Humidity: 10%~9%(non-condensing)
Air pressure: 50 kPa ~ 106 kPa
Power supply AC power: 90 V~264 V,50/60 Hz
DC power: 24 VDC,1.5 A,36 W
The voltage fluctuation does not exceed 1% of the working voltage range.
Category Model Product Description Remark
Stereotaxic host
(without accessories)
71001-S Automated Stereotaxic Instrument, SGL.M, Automatic Injection Left manipulator and nanoliter injection pump included, without adaptor, ear bars, holder and mask
71000-S Automated Stereotaxic Instrument, SGL.M Left manipulator, without adaptor, ear bars, holder and mask
71001-D Automated Stereotaxic Instrument, Dual.M, Automatic Injection Two manipulators and nanoliter injection pump included, without adaptor, ear bars, holder and mask
71000-D Automated Stereotaxic Instrument, Dual.M Two manipulators, without adaptor, ear bars, holder and mask
Required accessories (optional)* 68055 Mouse Adaptor
68030 Mouse/Neonatal Rat Adaptor
68057 Mouse Anesthesia Adaptor
68021 Rat Adaptor
68053 Rat Anesthesia Adaptor
68301 Rat 18° Ear Bars
68306 Mouse 60° Ear Bars
68201 Standard Probe Holder-Corner
TRA-220 Tissue Removal Optional Kit (220V ) Optional when using tissue removal procedure, including
needle connector, holder (68202), vacuum pump-GM-0.5Ⅱ
-220V-50HZ, liquid storage tank, connecting tube, needle.
TRA-110 Tissue Removal Optional Kit (110V ) Optional when using tissue removal procedure, including
needle connector, holder (68202), vacuum pump-GM-0.5Ⅱ
-110V-50HZ, liquid storage tank, connecting tube, needle.
71000-LT Laptop for Automated Stereotaxic Instrument (software included) i3-1215U/8G/256G/WIN10/Set display/14″

*Indicates that other specifications can be selected, which can be viewed from the product catalog of RWD.

some cases:

-Institute of Neuroscience of Soochow University:

The accuracy of the Automated Stereotaxic Instrument is 1um, which greatly improves the repeatability of the experiment and saves a lot of manual operation time.

-Nanfang Hospital:

The operation is simple and easy to use, the Skull Window program does not need to hold a cranial drill, which avoids the damage caused by manual operation.

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