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Mouse Adaptors

Adaptors used for Mice on the stereotaxic Instruments

68030 Mouse/Neonatal Rat Adaptor

The ear bars of this adaptor are made of resin and the tips are specially treated, which ensures that the head is held firmly without damage to the skull. There are scales on the incisor and the earbars. The height can be adjusted flexibly, which is good for experiments from different angles.

Considering there is no ear canal for neonatal rat, this adaptor employs a cheekbone locker to replace the ear bars. This design provides noninvasive and stable way to hold the

neonatal rat.

68055 Mouse Adaptor

It holds the mouse head by a palate and incisor, and offers vertical regulation to make the head level or at certain angle. The Vertical adjustable range from +10mm to -20mm, with 100μm resolution; Horizontal adjustable range of 43.5mm; Horizontal rotatable range of 35°.

(Note: ear bars are not included)

68057 Mouse Gas Anesthesia Head Holder

This model offers maximal adjustment for positioning the head. The adaptor can rotate the head to multiangle without blocking the anesthetic gas delivery.

  • Vertical adjustable range: 30mm (+10mm~-20mm), with 100μm accuracy.
  • Vertical rotatable range: 70° (-35°~ +35°), with 5° accuracy.
  • Horizontal rotatable range: 70° (-35°~ +35°), with 5° accuracy.
  • Horizontal adjustable range: 43.5mm
  • Diameter of inlet/outlet of the mask: 2mm

68014 Neonatal Mouse Adaptor

This adaptor is specifically for neonatal mice. It has extended base plate  (150mm(L) x  100mm(W)) and provides more operating space for researchers. It can be easily placed on the RWD stereotactic instruments. The incisor, nose clip and ear bars can be adjusted up and down in 20mm range to ensure the skull level.

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