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Rat Adaptors

Adaptors used for Rats on the stereotaxic Instruments

68021 Rat Adaptor

It holds rat head firmly through incisor, nose clip and ear bars. This adaptor can be adjusted 30 mm vertically along dovetail. slide with 100μm resolution and 50mm horizontally, which makes it applicable for rats of different weight. (Note: ear bars are not included)

68053 Rat Anesthesia Adaptor

This adaptor integrates the gas anesthesia mask function while hold the rat head firmly. The adaptor can rotate the head to multiangle without blocking the anesthetic gas delivery.

  • Vertial adjustment range is 30mm (-20mm ~ + 10mm), with 100μm accuracy.
  • Vertically rotatable range is 70°(-35° ~ + 35°), with 5°accuracy.
  • Horizontal rotatable range is 70° (-35°~ + 35°), with 5°accuracy.
  • Horizontal adjustment range is 43.5mm

68011 MRI Rat Adaptor (customized)

This adaptor is desigened for MRI equipments, with special materials to avoid magnetic interference. The fixation of animal is convenient and stable. (size:360mm(L)x125mm(W)x96mm(H)

68022 Rat Adaptor-Aural (customized)

This adapter is designed for auditory research. Instead of holding the rat head by ear bars and incisors, it holds the head firmly by orbital approach to ensure no obstacle while auditory stimulation. Currently, RWD is the only company in the world offering this kind of product.

68063 Rat Rotation Adaptor (with 18 ° ear bar 68310) (customized)

This adaptor is specifically designed for some special applications. The head of the rat will be fixed by a pair of ear bars, nose and incisors, and can be rotated according to the experimental requirements to facilitate the operation of different parts of the rat head in different directions. The vertical adjustable range of the adaptor is 30mm (-20mm ~ +10mm), the adjustment accuracy is 100μm; Horizontal adjustable range of the adaptor is 43.5mm; the rotation angle of the head is 60° (-30° ~ +30°)

68065 Mouse Rotation Adaptor (with 60° ear bar 68312).

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