Other Adaptors

adapters used for large animal on the stereotaxic instruments

68041 Cat/Monkey Adaptor

This adaptor includes ear bars and raising block (65mm). It holds the head through ear canal and eye socket. The adaptor can be used with standard stereotaxic instruments and large animal stereotaxic instruments.

68081 Dog/Monkey/Pig Adaptor

This adapter is used for large animal stereotaxic instrument, and it is ideal for dogs, monkeys and pigs around 10kg. The extended palate and screw is convenient to hold the animal firmly.

68084 Rabbit Adaptor (customized)

It holds the rabbit head by special malar clamp, adjustable incisor buckle and nose bar. The distance between the two zygomatic clamps can be precisely adjusted by the screw knob. Ward and backward adjustable range of adult rabbit is 43.5mm, neonatal rabbit is 26.5mm and the adaptor is 40mm.Up and down angle adjusting range: 135°(-67.5°~+67.5°)

4. 68076 Tree Shrew Anesthesia Adaptor Kit (with tubing/ customized

According to the brain three-dimensional structure of tree shrews, RWD specially developed an adaptor that can be worked with stereotaxic apparatus, to solve the problem of tree shrew three-dimensional positioning (with a real-time anesthesia inhalation structure).

5. 68075 MRI Adaptor for Tree Shrews (customized)

For PET/CT brain imaging of animals, it is difficult to hold the head firmly while anesthetized status. Based on PET/CT imaging requirement, RWD specifically developed this adaptor for holding the head of tree shrew with high quality non-metallic materials. Moreover, this adaptor has gas anesthesia mask. The tree shrews can wake up in 2-5 minutes after the experiment. Since the PET/CT system varies in different brands, RWD provides customized adaptors for different PET/CT system. The applicable animals include rat, mouse, rabbit, cat etc.

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