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  • R620-MRI
  • R620-MRI

R620-MRI Veterinary Anesthesia Machine

  • R620-MRI has been tested by Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology. It has been proven that R620-MRI will not produce displacement and will not affect the operation and imaging of the magnetic equipment in magnetic environment within 3T.

  • Can be used in magnetic resonance imaging environment within 3T

  • Complete function with both breathing and non-rebreathing circuits

Technical Specifications

  • Technical Parameters
  • Model Information
  • Apply to magnetic resonance imaging environment within 3T
  • Standard closed circuit breathing loop design
  • Applicable to animals that weight within 100kg
  • 1 to 4 L/min O2 flowmeter
  • With oxygen flush function at a speed of 10L/min
  • 2100cc CO2 absorber
  • One filling type vaporizer- Pour Fill
Cat No. Description Remarks
R580S-MRI Vaporizer – Pour Fill – Cagemount-MRI
R510-31 Gas Filter Canister, Large
R600-ET Cuffed Endotracheal Tubes (1 set)
R600-NL-0.5L Reusable Non Latex Breathing Bag, 0.5L
R600-NL-1L Reusable Non Latex Breathing Bag, 1L
R600-NL-2L Reusable Non Latex Breathing Bag, 2L
R-BC-DL Breathing Circuit Duo-limb, 22mm(M)/15mm(F), 1.5m
R-NBC-F(JR) Mapleson F Non-rebreathing Circuit (Jackson-Rees)
R-CT-18 Corrugated Tube – ID 22.0mm, L1.2m
R-AH-MRI  Air Hose,ID8.0-9/16(SGL),5m,MRI-Compatible
R580-IO-MRI Vaporizer Endcaps (1 pair) – MRI

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