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R650 Veterinary Anesthesia Machine

Adhering to the concept of making animal anesthesia safer, easier and more reliable, R650 is committed to leading a new experience in animal anesthesia.

It is applicable to clinical anesthesia of dogs, cats, pigs, monkeys, rodent, reptiles, birds, etc.

Dean Qiu, Shenzhen United Pet Hospital

“ Compared with R620-S1, the airway pressure gauge, APL valve and other functional components are integrated on the front panel, which is more clear; the overall appearance is also more concise and elegant, and the overall structure is also more stable; most importantly, the anesthesia effect has always been very good.”

Dr. Li, Shenzhen Paitebao Pet Hospital

“The anesthesia effect is very good and very stable; in addition, some user-friendly designs are very nice. For example, the  circuit switch for the rebreathing and non-rebreathing circuits is very practical. It’s also clear. And there is no need to repeatedly plug and pull out the circuits. ”

Technical Specifications

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● High-accuracy Vaporizer: Each unit undergoes comprehensive factory inspection, ensuring utmost precision

● One-click doctrine: APL valve closes with one click, breathing circuit switches with one click

● The layout of function keys is very friendly. The airway pressure gauge, APL valve, etc. are all concentrated on the front panel, which is clear at a glance.

● Highlight safety pressure warning with green, yellow and red signs that make it easier to identify excessive system pressure for both circuits

● Compact installation of monitor, ventilator, oxygen concentrator, etc

● Concealed pipeline arrangement, minimizing exposure and leakage risks

Item Specification
vaporizer Output concentration: 0-5vol,%( Isoflurance); 0-8vol,%( Sevoflurance)Working temperature: 10-35℃Capacity: 120Mbetween highest and lowest mark
Oxygen flowmeter 0.1-4L/min
Pressure Gauge -20cmH2O-100cmH2O
CO2 absorber 2.1L
APL valve 0-70cmH2O
Oxygen supply pressure <0.5Mpa
Waste gas canister Net Weight 800 g, can absorb 200 g
Oxygen flush 10-15L/min
Model Description
R650-IE Veterinary Anesthesia Machine-Pole Mount, Isoflurane, Easy Fill
R650-IK Veterinary Anesthesia Machine-Pole Mount, Isoflurane, Key Fill

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