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Celebrate 20th Anniversary

This year marks the 20th anniversary of RWD Life Science (hereinafter referred to as RWD).

20 years ago, RWD has devoted itself into the life science industry with the launch of China’s first self-developed “Stereotaxic Instrument” in 2002. Over the last 20 years, RWD Life Science has been dedicated to improving life quality through intelligence and consistent effort, and has successfully launched hundreds of self-developed products involving life science, veterinary and clinical medicine industry, which have been delivered to over 100 countries and regions, meeting the needs of customers worldwide.

In the future, RWD will constantly provide self-developed products to create higher value for our customers with high-quality products and services based on our philosophy of enablement, innovation, and collaboration. Meanwhile, RWD is committed to building an open, cooperative, and sharing platform for the life science ecosystem.

Let’s go forward together to innovate for the future!

Dedicated to Life Science


The company was founded in Shenzhen, China.


Launched China’s first self-developed "Stereotaxic Instrument".


Products have been delivered to customers worldwide.


Develop global marketing strategies and officially register the “RWD” trademark in the US and China.

Launched animal anesthesia machines & ventilators.


Established the “US Branch”, the very first overseas branch, and fully entered into the overseas market.


Awarded the “National High-tech Enterprise” credential.

Launched the veterinary diagnosis and treatment solution, foraying into the animal healthcare industry.


Has provided products and services to customers across more than 100 countries and regions.


Launched the "RWD Basic Medicine Scholarship" for promoting talent training in the industry.


Launched molecular and cellular product lines and introduced cellular and molecular biology research solutions

Global sales revenue increased by more than 50% for three consecutive years.


Launched Rotary Microtome for pathological diagnosis, entering the medical devices field.


Selected as the one of “Top 100 Innovative Enterprises in Shenzhen”.


Innovation Never Stops

Animal Anesthesia Stereotaxic Injection System

20-year tackling challenges head-on to advance your research safer and more efficient and precise

Learn more

Fiber Photometry System

Advanced optical imaging technology integrated with a high-sensitivity neurosensing system offer better neural circuits study

Laser Speckle Imaging System

Self-developed noninvasive technique for mapping tissue perfusion, the pro-choice for 100+ institutes of microcirculation worldwide

Rotary Microtome & Cryostats

Minux® Rotary Microtome Series: produce high-quality paraffin sections with uniform thickness, making hard tissue sectioning much easier.
Minux® Cryostats Series: advanced temperature control system to ensure the best environment for frozen sections produce

Learn more

Single Cell Suspension Dissociator

Accurate temperature sensors plus PID controller help define ideal conditions for automatically single cell suspension preparation

Automated Cell Counter

Advanced optical imaging technologies incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to ensure accurate and precise cell counts.

Veterinary Laser Therapy

High intensity laser technology with 1,300+built-in treatment programs offers non-pain and noninvasive treatment method

Learn more

What They Are Saying

Dr Samuel M Flaherty | The University of Manchester

“I couldn’t suggest further hardware features as I feel everything the user would need is there. The quality of the images is wonderful, The pixel resolution of the images is very impressive also. The user friendly software allows the user to control all aspects of both the operation of the machine but also the analysis of the results. The features available for data analysis, such as the ROI function and blood perfusion graph, allow for exciting results.....”

Yi-Je (Jay) Chen, Ph. D.丨Assistant Professor, UC Davis

“We can use the Laser Speckle Imaging System to observe the 5th branch of Mesentery.”

Dr. Padmini Makkapati, Dr. Tahir Mahboob
Waterloo West Animal Hospital

"We got RWD anesthesia machine and the ventilator 2 months ago at #WASAVA conference. The machine was easy to assemble and use, working fine and very easy to switch from non breathing to breathing circuit with one switch. We are happy with both the machine and the ventilator and have no complains."

Dr. Heinrich Koddebbusch
Der Narkosetierarzt

"I am absolutely delighted with the anesthetic machine; it was easy to assemble and use. It is not only very efficient but also very economic to run (saving anesthetics), and its portability makes it ideal to use anywhere in the Hospital. I am most impressed with the RWD Intelligent Ventilator, as a busy training school where we perform countless complex surgical procedures.... "

Neuroscience Center, Helsinki Institute of Life Science HiLIFE

"We highly recommend the anesthesia Machine R540 series for everyone who is looking for a convenient way of rodent surgeries. It’s easy to assemble and to use, can be done once for approx. 10-12 surgeries (duration 30 min) without any smell with the special easy fill system."

Dr. Amit Agarwal Group
Dr. Claudio

"We use a set of RWD’s stereotaxic anesthesia solutions. The machine is easy to assemble and to use."

Yale School of Medicine

“Our lab purchased the MM-500 Micromanipulator and R-480 Nanoliter injection system from RWD recently: It is easy to assemble, user friendly and can be used for very precise injection into various brain regions of rodents. It enables us to control the injection volume and speed easily. Their customer service is also excellent: responsive, professional and patient. I highly recommend their products and working with them to get the work done.”

Purdue University College of Pharmacy

“The rotational digital stereotaxic works very well in my hand. The alignment indicator helps to adjust the level of the mouse brain precisely and makes the coordinate acurate. We benefit from this a lot. Moreover, the 40X magifier helps to locate the bregma coordinate, and the digital screen is convinient to read for targeting the small brain area. In all, I am satisfied with the machine and it's fantastic and makes my research life easier.”

August Pi i Sunyer Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBAPS)

“The packaging is sturdy and reliable,Product design is very impressive with a perfect appearance. The CO2 Incubator has a humidity probe to monitor the humidity changes in real time. Besides, the equipment also can be stacked to save space.”

Department of Neurology, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

“S700 is a stable, reliable and high-end quality semi-automatic microtome. This instrument displays extraordinary ergonomic characteristics for comfortable operation while maintaining reproducible precision during sectioning. It run smoothly and your after-sales service is excellent, I would highly recommend it.”

School of Life Science, Peking University

"The RWD MP-500 micropipette puller is very stable in pippette pulling in patch clamp and injection-related experiments, and it's easy to operate. The built-in pull protocol and safe heat mode are very useful, which not only improve the efficiency but also ensure the safety of the puller. Great experience."

General Hospital of Ningxia Medical University

“The frozen section yielded by RWD Cryostat is complete without shattering. Viewing under a high magnification microscope, the section can show the real state of the tissue better. The Cryostat produces high quality mouse heart tissue sections which are flat and without wrinkles.”

Academy of Military Medical Sciences (AMMS)

“The R820 can record neural signals from multiple brain regions and animals simultaneously. The machine is very easy to connect, the software runs smoothly, and the data processing functions are rich, which is very helpful for the figure of the paper.”

Department of Genetics, Yale University School of Medicine

“RWD anesthesia stereotaxic solutions are amazing, well beyond our expectations. The flexibility of the stereotaxic instrument is very impressive. The accuracy of mediolateral rotation perfectly solves the bleeding problem when I inject through the venous sinus. The air pump helps me finally get rid of the oxygen tank. Also, the installation is straightforward.”

Institute of Pharmacology Polish Academy of Science

“The RWD fiber photometry can meet the requirements of complex procedures ((in combination with electro stimulation). The software operation and data analysis are very simple, we are very satisfied with this device.”

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