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Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging System RFLSI Ⅲ

RFLSI Ⅲ is based on the LSCI (Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging) technology design, non-invasive with non-contact, high time resolution, high spatial resolution and full-field rapid imaging it provides real-time dynamic blood flow monitoring and recording method for research in life sciences such as MCAO, cerebral blood flow.

    • Cerebral blood flow, MCAO model
    • Cortical Spreading Depression (CSD)
    • Hind/Critica Limb Ischaemia (HLI) /(CLI)
    • Neuro-Vascular Coupling
    • Burn Assessment, Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI), Sepsis, etc.

Brain Injury

“What do you think of this image, It’s that clear enough? Yes, it’s very very very nice and very impressive”
–Dr. Amar Abdullah, Ph.D.  丨 Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences


Stroke & Vascular Function

“We can use the Laser Speckle Imaging System to observe the 5th branch of Mesentery.”
–Yi-Je (Jay) Chen, 丨D.V.M., Ph.D. UC Davis

Cognitive Disorder

“This is the sharpest speckle device I’ve ever seen, this is what I expected.”
–Lei P, Professor丨West China Second University Hospital

Technical Specifications

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  • Specifications
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  • Operation &Installation
  • Configuration
  • Analyze vascular perfusion volume, tube diameter, tube angle, and other data online and offline to meet hemodynamic research.
  • Multiple data acquisition methods including continuous acquisition, specified interval acquisition, specified frame number acquisition, etc.
  • Indicating laser plus autofocus function makes it easy to use.
  • High-definition camera (2048 x 2048 pixel) helps you see the end of blood vessels and open the world of blood vessel microcirculation images.
  • The high-speed camera (up to 120 FPS) allows us to record changes every second and record more details of blood vessel changes after intervention.
  • Package-type supporting solutions and timely after-sales service will help you to be one step ahead in your scientific research.
  • Easy to use, USB 3.0 connection, flexible and simple setup helps get you up and running quickly.
RFLSI ⅢParameters
Scale0 – 5000PU
Imaging acquisition rateUp to 120 FPS
Working distance10 – 35 cm
Image size1.57 × 1.57mm – 90 × 90mm
Image camera pixels4.2 million(2048 × 2048)
Max resolutionUp to 3μm/pixel
Zoom range12× optical zoom lens with auto-focus
Laser speckle imaging systemRFLSI ⅢMainframe; Computer; Holder; Software;

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