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Stereotaxic instruments are essential in many different medical fields including both surgical and research. At RWD, we believe in providing stereotaxic instruments and accessories that are effective, efficient, and durable. Our series of stereotaxic instruments meet the experimental needs of rat, mouse, guinea pig, tree shrew, cat, rabbit, dog, monkey, and other animals. You can easily choose the instrument type, experimental accuracy, and operation of each instrument. We can also customize certain stereotaxic instruments to meet your exact needs.

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    RWD stereotactic instruments are fully equipped to handle operations in neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, neuropharmacology, neurosurgery, and more. We house standard-type, rail-type, large animal type, and compact-type instruments with both standard (100μm) and digital (10μm) readings. All our manual stereotaxic instruments can be upgraded to digital stereotaxic instruments and single manipulators can be converted to a double-manipulator.

    Stereotactic Instrument

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    Precise Impactor

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    Brain & Heart Matrices

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    RWD offers ear bars with a scale of 35mm,1mm resolution, and square 6.15mm. Ear bars are available from 18 degrees to 60 degrees in both rupture and non-rupture style. Adjustable height and customized length options available. Our ear bars can be used for rats, mice, dogs, guinea pigs, birds, squirrels, monkeys, cats, and other animals.

    Ear Bars

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    RWD offers various holders to fix different shapes and ranges of electrodes, needles, cannulas, headstages, probes, drills, injectors, and more. Our standard probe holder has a V-groove design and is widely used for syringe needles or electrodes with a diameter of 0.3mm-1.5mm. Our multi-purpose holders include large probe holder, micro drill holder, syringe holder, level calibrator, and more.

    Stereotactic Holders

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    RWD microscopes allow surgeons and researchers to observe the subject in high-resolution and three-dimension. Desktop Binocular Stereo Microscope comes with universal support that can spin 360° and is retractable. 77001D Digital Microscope provides an opportunity to improve stereotaxic or surgical operation with a digital camera fitted with a parfocal zoom magnifying lens with fine focus and a working distance of 7.0 inches. Binocular Surgical Microscope is a simple binocular coaxial illumination surgery microscope that has a compact design and high flexibility to meet the requirements of general animal microsurgery.


Stereotactic Frame

  • 71000 Automated Stereotaxic Instrument

    71000 Automated Stereotaxic Instrument

    71000 is an automated and intelligent stereotaxic instrument with high precision (1 μm). The software has built-in rat and mouse brain atlas and automatic procedures (skull window, tissue removal and automated injection procedure), which can be observing the position of the probe relative to the brain area is convenient and efficient, and the operation is easy to use, greatly reducing the errors and damage caused by manual operation. In addition, it has an anti-collision function to prevent animal damage caused by wrong movement, which is safer.

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    69100 Rotational Digital Stereotaxic Frame for Mice and Rat

    This stereotaxic frame is a delicate design for mouse and rat experiments that allows easy and flexible rotation of their heads for adjusting the level of the skull. Another benefit of this stereotaxic frame mouse and rat experimental set-up also comes from the accuracy of medial lateral rotation, which perfectly solves the bleeding problem when you inject through the rodent’s venous sinus. There’s an Alignment Indicator showing whether the rodent head is horizontal or not. Its 40X Center Magnifier helps find Bregma and Lambda. And you don’t need to set up Bregma repeatedly.

  • standrad stereotaxic

    Standard Stereotaxic Instruments

    Standard Stereotaxic Instruments is the basic equipment of neuroscience research(100 micron resolution) . The “U”-shaped frame design ensures stability. Replace the rat and mouse adapter to realize the positioning of the brain area of the rat and the mouse.

  • 68045 digital stereotaxic

    Digital Stereotaxic Instruments

    The desktop digital stereotaxic instrument adds a digital display module on the basis of the standard type. The displacement sensor can display the displacement more accurately, reducing the tedious steps of manual reading. The displacement accuracy reaches 10 μm, and the origin can be set arbitrarily within the range.

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    Portable Stereotaxic Instrument for Mouse

    The portable stereotaxic instrument cancels the traditional U-shaped frame, and the operation space is larger. This type is specially designed for mouse. The height of the nose bar and ear bars can be adjusted from 0-20mm, which is
    convenient for adjusting the level of the skull. The accuracy of non-digital models is 100 μm, and the accuracy of digital models is 10 μm.

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    Portable Rat and Mouse Stereotaxic Instrument

    The portable stereotaxic instrument cancels the traditional U-shaped frame, and the operation space is larger. The adaptor and ear bars are removable for rodents of different weights. The height of the adaptor is adjustable from 0-55mm, and the height of the ear bars is adjustable from 0-45mm, which is convenient for adjusting the level of the skull. The accuracy of non-digital models is 100 μm, and the accuracy of digital display models is 10 μm.

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    Large Animal Stereotaxic Instruments

    Large animal stereotaxic instrument is suitable for cats, dogs, monkeys, pigs, etc. It contains a two-dimensional manipulator (X, Z axis). The accuracy of the non-digital model is 100 μm, and the accuracy of the digital model is 10 μm. Two kinds of adaptors are optional, the 68081 monkey adaptor is generally suitable for large animals of 10-30kg, and the 68041 is generally suitable for large animals below 10kg.

  • MRI stereotaxic instrument

    MRI Stereotaxic Instruments

    MRI Stereotaxic Instruments have all the functions of the Standard Stereotaxic Instruments. The dog/monkey adaptor is configured into the front end of the animal’s hearing organ through the ear bars for accurate and firm fixation of the animal. The animal is held in place by the adjustable eye bar and upper jaw plate to prevent head rotation. All parts of this device are made of specific non-metallic materials, which are specially used in animal experiments under a nuclear magnetic environment. It has a good fixation effect and meets the unique needs of accurate positioning of animal heads in brain science research experiments.

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