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Customer Reviews

Our products and solutions have been delivered to over 100 countries and regions, helping more than 1000 research institutions, 6000 universities and 700 hospitals to achieve success. In addition, we have helped global researchers to publish over 12,000 SCI papers.

Customer Reviews

“I couldn’t suggest further hardware features as I feel everything the user would need is there. The quality of the images is wonderful, The pixel resolution of the images is very impressive also. The user friendly software allows the user to control all aspects of both the operation of the machine but also the analysis of the results. The features available for data analysis, such as the ROI function and blood perfusion graph, allow for exciting results. .....”

Dr Samuel M Flaherty
The University of Manchester

“We received both the Rotational Digital Stereotaxic Instrument and anesthetics system. They are amazing, well beyond our expectations. The flexibility of the stereotaxic instrument is very impressive. The mouse head and body can be easily rotated individually, which I believe can only be performed by this machine. The accuracy of mediolateral rotation perfectly solves the bleeding problem when I inject through the venous sinus. The air pump helps me finally get rid of the oxygen tank. Can you imagine how heavy the oxygen tank is? Also, the installation is straightforward. Thanks a lot. I am expecting more products from RWD.”

Yale University Department of Genetics

"The R540 anesthesia machine is easy to assemble and to use. It can be done once for approx 10-12 surgeries (duration 30 min) without any smell with the special "easy fil system". It takes just 5 sec to put the machine on and it's ready to use. We highly recommend the Anaesthesia Machine R540 series for everyone who is looking for a convenient way of rodent surgeries."

Neuroscience Center
Helsinki Institute of Life Science HiLIFE

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